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[2 bottle x 280ml] LKB Tile Reform (White) Waterproof Gap Filler Sealant Grouting Fix Tiling Repair Glue Original 兰康保美缝剂
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Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 10 cm x 18 cm
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  • Eliminates stubborn dirt between tiles.
  • Cleanliness is maintained for a long time after tile construction.
  • White color grout to fix and cover all those old and dirty grouting
  • Waterproof feature for floor tile
  • Anti-fungus feature to prevent fungus grow on flooring


Made in China

Volume : 280ml


Product Manual:
This product has strong adhesion and can adapt to heat pulse and cold shrinkage to avoid cracking. It can be used in a wide range and dirty ground gap and moldy tile joint.

Scope of application:
It is suitable for the beautification of tile gaps, mosaic gaps, toilet corners, kitchen counter corners, stairs, bathroom floors and other gaps, as well as the repair of dirty, black, moldy, and tile cracks on the floor. It has the excellent performance of waterproof, non-blackening, scrub resistance and no color change.

Main ingredients: Water, resin, magnesium silicate, dye, etc.

1. Clean the tile gap. The depth of the gap is 2 to 3 mm. If the gap is too large, it is recommended to fill it with a grout first and then use tile reform.
2. Open the bottle cap, remove the sealing aluminum gasket, and replace the pointed mouth cap. After unscrewing the cap, stand the bottle upside down for about 20 seconds, aiming the pointed mouth directly at the tile gap, and squeeze the paste evenly along the gap (Note: You can also paste masking paper along the edge of the tiles, and then squeeze out the tile reform, and then tear off after the paste is smoothed)
3. Use a small scraper (or press ball) to gently scrape back and forth several times to make the beautifying agent evenly enter the gaps. It is recommended to apply several times to fill the gaps as much as possible.
4. After scraping, remove the excess paste, and it will feel dry naturally. It is recommended that the drying time is 2-3 days, during which it is not suitable to use water.
5. For large or deep gaps, apply several times every other day.

1. Please try a small area in an inconspicuous place before use, and use it normally after there is no adverse reaction.
2. Depending on the use environment, it takes about 2-3 hours for the tile reform to solidify.
3. After the tile reform is completely hardened, avoid washing with water within 2-3 days, especially hot water washing.
4. It can be used many times after opening, but remember to seal it to prevent direct sunlight.
5. Use when it is not suitable to freeze, avoid children's reach.
6. Do not rub it if it gets into your eyes accidentally. Rinse immediately with clean water and seek medical attention.
7. If it is not used up after opening, the tip cover needs to be rinsed with water before placing it. In order to avoid the sharp mouth of the mouth is blocked by the residual beauty joint agent, affecting the next use.




SHELF LIFE: 12 Months

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