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LKB Toilet Bowl Flush Cleaner (200g) Blue Colour Bear Style Toilets Cleaning Blocks BLOK PEMBERSIH MANGKUK TANDAS 矮熊宝洁厕宝
Price RM4.90 RM15.00
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Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 10 cm
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- 200g Blue Bear Style
- 100% Original LKB Brand
- Average flush 1688 times
- Normal use lasts for 2 months


- 200g Blue Bear Style
- 100% Original LKB Brand
- Average flush 1688 times

How to use:
1. Unplug the rubber plug on the back and cut off the two holes on the back.
2. Open the toilet tank and place the bear vertically
3. If it is not released within ten minutes, it it recommend to lay it flat.

Features :
This product contains surface active agent and organic acid, which has the function of descaling, deodorizing and decontamination. Supplemented with slow-release technology, it releases evenly and slowly, and is durable; every flushing, the toilet is automatically cleaned to prevent dirt and keep the toilet clean and white. There is no damage or residue to the water tank accessories, porcelain surface, water tank and the inner wall of the toilet.

Instructions :
1. Take out the toilet cleaner, open the cork, and use a scissors to cut and open the water outlet behind of the back of bear's head.
2. Open the lid of the toilet tank, and place the water outlet of the toilet cleaner with its back to the water tank outlet and sink. Drop straight into the bottom of the water.
3. After standing for a few minutes, the micro-holes on the bottle body will release the blue detergent. The toilet is automatically cleaned when flushing.
4. Due to the different toilet structures, the speed of draining water and the height of the water level line will have certain differences. During use, if the color of the released detergent is too light, the cut bigger the water outlet and the speed will be increased faster.

Main ingredients: surface active agent, organic acid, deodorant, slow release agent, flavor, toner, etc.

1. This product in the water tank position should be far away from the in and out of the water mouth.
2. This product is used to slowly release the side, contaminated to the skin or into the eye. Please wash with a large amount of clean water.
3. Please do not eat, please do not store in children easy to get to the ground,
To avoid children to play.
4. For the full production of self-purge agent of the excellent effect. Before using, please clean the horse barrel.
5. Avoid sunlight direct and high temperature.




SHELF LIFE: 2 years

What's in the box

1 x LKB Toilet Bowl Flush Cleaner (200g)