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LKB Toilet Seat Sealant (180ml) Floor Tile Toilet Bowl Gap Jointing Glue Cream GAM MANGKUK TANDAS BILIK AIR 马桶底座密封
Price RM9.90 RM20.00
Product SKU Toilet-Seat-Sealant
Size (L x W x H) 21 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm
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  • Water-based one-component
  • Neutral room temperature curing
  • Good toughness
  • Good sealing effect.
  • Good weather resistance
  • High and low temperature resistance
  • Can keep bright and clean for a long time.

100% Original LKB Product

Volume : 180ml

Range of use: Toilet base, Gap on the side of pool

Scope of application:
Ceramic toilet, sanitary ware, etc. leak proof, sealing, bonding, all types of ceramic bathroom caulking and sealing are beautiful.

Water-based one-component, neutral room temperature curing, good toughness and good sealing effect. Good weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, can keep bright and clean for a long time.

1. Remove the old glue and clean the construction surface to ensure no oil, dust and moisture.
2. After unscrewing the cap, align the tip vertically at the tile gap, and squeeze the paste evenly along the gap (Note: You can also paste masking paper along the edge of the tile gap, then squeeze the paste, and then smooth the paste. You can tear it off later).
3. Wipe off the excess glue immediately, so that it will not be difficult to clean up after the glue has cured.
4. The curing time is about 2-3 days. Avoid water during this period.

Main ingredients : Resin, sodium silicate, titanium dioxide, water, etc.

1. Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, prevent high temperature, sunlight, and freezing.
2. When applying glue, coat the bonding area as thick as possible. When applying glue to the gap, the tip should be perpendicular to the gap, it is advisable to squeeze the glue into the gap and fill the gap;
3. Depending on the usage environment, the curing time will take 2-3 days. This product will take longer to cure in a humid environment. Please ventilate and keep the construction environment dry.
4. The suitable storage and transportation temperature is -5 to 50. When the temperature is lower than -10, the effect of this product will be affected. It is recommended not to use it in low temperature conditions.
5. Avoid contact with children. If it gets into eyes accidentally, rinse with water and seek medical attention if necessary.



SHELF LIFE: 18 months


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