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LKB White Shoe Foam Cleaner (200ml) Dry Cleaning Agent For Sports Shoes Sneakers PEMBERSIH KASUT PUTIH SUKAN 兰康保小白鞋清洁剂
Price RM9.90 RM20.00
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Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 5 cm x 20 cm
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  • 100% Original LKB produt
  • Added with active detergent
  • Quickly remove dust and stains on sports shoes
  • Form a protective film on the surface to slow down the adhesion of dust
  • Make shoes clean as new

This product is added with active detergent, which can quickly remove dust and stains on sports shoes, and form a protective film on the surface to slow down the adhesion of dust and make shoes clean as new.

Put the cleaner on the shoe surface and press a few times, apply the pressed foam to the shoe surface, leave it for 1-3 minutes, and wipe it repeatedly with a brush or cloth. After wiping, clean it with a clean cloth.

1. For shoes that are not sure whether they have an impact, try this product in an unobvious place and use them again without impact.
2. This product is not suitable for sports shoes made of velvet fabric.
3. If the liquid in the bottle gets into your eyes accidentally, please rinse with plenty of water;
4. Placed in a cool and dark place, keep away from children;

Main ingredients:
Active detergent, nourishing agent, deionized water, etc.



What's in the box

1 x LKB White Shoe Foam Cleaner