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Silicone Magic Broom Sweeper Remove Dirt Pet Hair Window Cleaning Wipe Glass Rubber Mop Brush PENYAPU LANTAI AJAIB 魔术扫把
Price RM6.90 RM30.00
Product SKU Magic-Broom
Size (L x W x H) 39 cm x 23 cm x 6 cm
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  • Scrape water quick
  • Not afraid of hair entanglement
  • There are no water stains after sweeping
  • Easy to sweep water stains of kitchen and bathroom
  • Only once sweep, all clean, not easy to raise dust
  • It's easy to clean the glass
  • It's washable
  • The stain will be clean as soon as after washing

1.Floor squeegee: With a special design, the sweeper is very suitable for cleaning concrete, hardwood, wood and tile floors without scratching.

2.Adjustable wipes: The magic broom is equipped with a stainless steel rod and the length is adjustable. It can be adjusted up to 53.15 inches (135 cm). The 12.2 inch (31 cm) wide foam floor squeegee can help you complete housework quickly and reduce cleaning time. Make housework easier and more effective.

3.Easy to use: The package comes with a squeegee head and 3 combination rods. It can be assembled easily in one minute. The handle with fixed buckle makes the squeegee firmer and does not shake during use.

4.Wide range of uses: Floor squeegee is most suitable for sweeping water and removing hair and pet hair. In addition, it is suitable for multi-sided floors, and can be used as floor squeegee, wiper, window squeegee, and push brooms outside of garages, decks, showers, bathrooms, and windows.

5.Multifunctional 2-In-1 Sweeper: It does not only sweeps but also scrapes! Effectively dry the floor surface and easily remove dirt and hair. It can be used to clean pet hair, hair, glass.



Color: grey

Size: 87*31cm

Material: PP+Silicone+ Stainless steel

What's in the box

1 x Magic Broom