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Mini Sealing Machine Portable Household Hand Pressure Heat Seal Snack Plastic Bag Sealer MESIN PENGEDAP BEG PLASTIK 封口机
Price RM4.90 RM10.00
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm
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  • Mini Sealing Machine
  • Household Hand Pressure
  • Heat Seal Snack Plastic Bag 

With updated technical, this handheld food saver is very easy to use without preheating. When you press the cover, the high-efficiency and low-loss heating film instantly reaches the sealing temperature. Place the bag to be sealed in the middle, then slide it along the edge of any bag at a slow and constant speed for airtight seal

[MUST READ] Instructions and notes: 
1. Install the battery correctly according to the positive and negative (+,) pole instructions at the bottom of the battery slot, otherwise it will not generate heat.
2. Please be sure to use good quality battery, otherwise it can not be used normally
3. This product is designed to press the loop link, and the line will be automatically disconnected after letting go, so there is no switch, you don't have to worry about the continuous use of the battery.
4. It is recommended to use it for no more than 3 minutes each time, and use it at an interval of 3-5 minutes after each use.
5. Only suitable for plastic bags or packaging bags containing plastic materials (PE/PPPVC, etc.), pure paper bags are not applicable.
6. The moving speed of the seal depends on the thickness of the plastic bag; the thinner is faster, otherwise it is easy to break. The thicker is slow, otherwise it won't be sealed. You may fail the first time, and you can easily drive it after a few more attempts.
7. In normal use, lightly press the heating wire to energize. Remember not to press strongly to avoid deformation of the metal sheet in the battery slot and poor contact, resulting in no electricity and no heat.
8. Please keep the heating base clean, if there is residual glue, it can be gently scraped off. Otherwise, the sealing effect will be affected.
9. When the power is insufficient, it is easy to affect the sealing effect, please replace the battery in time. When not in use for a long time, remove the battery.
10. This product is only for household use.

1.Can not use on the pure paper bag
2.Cover the protective case after use, prevent scald you.
3.It is necessary to start sealing after press for a few seconds.
4.The speed of sealing can not be too fast, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect.
5.Use 2*AA batteries.(battery not included )
6.the bag thickness larger than 0.1cm is hard to sealing, you can slowly sealing or repeat it several times.
7.Thinner cling film needs to be folded several layers and the sealing effect will be better, or we should seal quickly. If because the package is too thin and we fusing a crack still ok, the opening also be sealed.
8.The plastic smell emanating from the heat seal is normal, not the quality problem of the sealing machine.
9.Clean the dust, water, powder, oil and so on at the opening when sealing.
10.Cannot be used continuously for more than 1 minute, To avoid overheating the battery


What's in the box

1 x Mini Sealing Machine